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Brookfield Hearing Rechargable Hearing Aids Provide 90% Noise Cancellation

We Provide Superior Quality at a Lower Cost to Person Wearing Our Hearing Aids

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No Batteries Required!

You want a hearing aid to aid your quality of life, not complicate it.


Exhibit A: Do you want to fear about the battery in your hearing aid dying and taking your hearing with it?


Eagle Lake Manor hearing aid wearers fear not. At Brookfield Hearing, your hearing aid will never stop operating, functioning due to a dead battery. Our rechargeable battery technology ensures that your hearing aid will always have juice. You never have to purchase a battery – not now, not ever.  You’ll never have to run to a Eagle Lake Manor hearing aid battery store.


Our patented batteries last up to twenty-four hours on a full charge. No other hearing aid batteries come close. And, you never have to remove the battery for charging - our one-piece hearing aids fit right into their charging devices.


Think about the convenience: No hauling around extra batteries. Best of all, you don’t have to be concerned about your hearing aid failing at an inconvenient moment.


Ponder the savings: No spending hundreds of dollars a year on fresh batteries. Instead, just come by Brookfield Hearing for an annual checkup, and we’ll swap out your old battery for a fresh one – for free.  Any of Brookfield Hearing Eagle Lake Manor clients can stop in.


You won’t find a lower-maintenance hearing aid available in Eagle Lake Manor.  Our rechargeable batteries mean you won’t find a hearing aid that’s easier to use, either.


Our hearing aids feature 90% background noise reduction, and a remote control so you can adjust a hearing aid’s levels while it remains in your ear.


Stop by for a free hearing test, done by a state-licensed Hearing Instrument Specialist. How confident are we in our products and service? We’ll even pay a visit to your Eagle Lake Manor home for a hearing test or to fit an aid. When’s the last time a retailer provided a “house call?”


Simplify, simplify; a Brookfield Hearing hearing aid is all about making your Eagle Lake Manor life easier and better. Rechargeable batteries are just the start. Wait until you try us out, and hear how good life can really sound.

Brookfield Hearing hearing aid clients will never have to run to a hearing aid battery store near Eagle Lake Manor, WI