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Brookfield Hearing Rechargable Hearing Aids Provide 90% Noise Cancellation

We Provide Superior Quality at a Lower Cost to Person Wearing Our Hearing Aids

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"Free" Starts With Your Hearing Test

"Free." Now there's a word you don't hear much around Ozaukee County ... except when you visit Brookfield Hearing.
Do you really need a hearing aid? Let's start with a free hearing test to analyze. Yes, "free."


A state-licensed Hearing Instrument Specialist will check your hearing at no cost. We'll even visit your home in Ozaukee County for a hearing test. Yes, a "house call." Again, still free.

If our test determines you might benefit from a hearing aid, we'll provide a free demonstration, using an aid programmed to your specific hearing needs. There's that word again: "free." You don't have to pay to experience how a Brookfield Hearing hearing aid can improve your quality of life. What's Ozaukee County hearing aid wearer doesn't like the word "free".

Our hearing aids aren't free (obviously). But you'll find they're sold at a cost often half that of competing comparable products sold in Ozaukee County. Our hearing aids have valuable features: 90% background noise reduction, and rechargeable batteries so you never have to buy new ones. We'll even give you a (free!) remote control so you can modify a hearing aid's levels while it stays in your ear.

Let's stay with "free," shall we?

You're never charged for repeat visits to Brookfield Hearing – located so close to Ozaukee County. We'll make as many adjustments as needed to get your hearing just right - all for free.

Stop in for an annual checkup, and we'll switch your old rechargeable battery for a fresh one – all free.

You'll like working with our employees, too. They aren't paid on commission, so you'll never feel pushed to buy. Their sole focus is ensuring that your hearing aid makes life more enjoyable – which is why you came to Brookfield Hearing in the first place.

Remember that saying about "the best things in life are free?" Good hearing allows you to enjoy life's special moments. Brookfield Hearing can make it possible. After all, quality of life shouldn't be expensive. Most of our Ozaukee County hearing aid customers agree!


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