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Brookfield Hearing Rechargable Hearing Aids Provide 90% Noise Cancellation

We Provide Superior Quality at a Lower Cost to Person Wearing Our Hearing Aids

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Reducing Background Noise, Improving Your Hearing

If you use a hearing aid, you should hear what you need to hear – and nothing else.

Excessive background noise is bothersome and unwelcome. It disrupts your interacting with others. When you can't hear those most important to you, it affects your Milwaukee County quality of life.


Background noise is the leading complaint of hearing aid users. They can't hear conversation at a Milwaukee County party. They're besieged by traffic and street noise when outdoors.


The problem is that common hearing aids magnify all the noise around a user. Not Brookfield Hearing hearing aids, though.


Our hearing aids achieve unheard-of 90 percent background noise reduction, the best IN Milwaukee County and available. How? Our models use smart technology. They constantly sample the nearby audio environment, decipher what is background noise and block it out. You won't be bothered by unanticipated| interfering sounds.


You'll still hear what's critical. The ongoing sampling tests pitch and volume, so sirens, alarms, smoke detectors and car horns are singled out. Your safety is never put at risk.


The hearing retains background noise data. When our Milwaukee County customers come in for checkups – at no cost, of course – our trained staff will review the stored data, and change your hearing aid's levels to optimize your hearing.


Your Brookfield Hearing hearing aid also has four pre-set levels that allow you to adjust the unit to unique environments. We even provide you a free remote control, so you can make changes without having to remove the hearing aid from your ear.

Besides unparalleled noise reduction, Brookfield Hearing hearing aids have other great features: a cost often half that of competing similar goods, and rechargeable batteries that can save you hundreds of dollars.  Our Milwaukee County customers love the savings.

Don't let background noise interfere with life's special pleasures. A Brookfield Hearing hearing aid allows you to tune in what really matters. We don't want you to miss one word of conversation, whether with old friends or a beloved grandchild. Some moments are just too important to pass by.

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