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Is this your first time considering a hearing aid?  Let us answer some of the most common questions we receive when it comes to Brookfield Hearing Hearing Aids.


Who fits and programs Brookfield Hearing hearing aids?How much do Brookfield Hearing hearing aids cost?How are Brookfield Hearing hearing aids so reasonably priced?Where can I find a Brookfield Hearing Hearing Center?Do you offer monthly financing?Do you offer a protection plan for your hearing aids?Do you charge for a hearing exam?Do you charge if I need a follow-up visit?Are your hearing aids covered by insurance?Do you offer a warranty?Do you offer a money back guarantee?How often do I need to change the fitting tips?I lost my User Manual, where can I get another?Who conducts the hearing tests and diagnostics?Can I buy one hearing aid?How often should I have a hearing exam?What are the main types of hearing loss?Do you sell replacement products?How do I determine if I have a hearing loss?Are hearing aids difficult to get used to?