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Do Any of These Signs of Hearing Loss “Sound” Familiar?

Hearing loss doesn’t happen overnight. The process is incremental, usually lasting years.


One day, though, your spouse asks why the TV is so loud. You find yourself asking others to repeat themselves, over and over. Public environments – social events, restaurants, shopping malls – become indecipherable jumbles of noise.


Over the years, you found ways to compensate as your hearing slowly faded. You might have not even realized it. Suddenly, however, you’re struck by the reality that things literally don’t sound as good as before. One or more of these additional signs might have tipped you off to hearing loss:

  • Not understanding others, even when speaking directly to you
  • Trouble following conversations, especially if any background noise is present
  • Buzzing, hissing or ringing sounds in the ears
  • Avoiding social interactions that occur in noisy settings
  • Feeling annoyed at an inability to understand others
  • Being unable to hear some sounds, especially at the upper or lower ends of the audio spectrum

 You’re not alone. Hearing loss affects millions of Americans, of all ages and walks of life.


The good news is you can do something about it. Start with a hearing test and chart a course to fully regaining your audio abilities. Soon the only signs you’ll recognize are the ones you notice with your eyes – not your ears.


Do you or a loved one have hearing loss?